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Interview with Jeff Kinney



Who or what inspired you to write the Diary of the Wimpy Kid? G04, Superemma2, Piezo,
I loved comics as a kid. My favorite cartoonist was Carl Barks, who created Uncle Scrooge and wrote about Donald Duck in the 1950s and 60s. I’d say he, more than anyone, inspired me to become a cartoonist!


Have your sons inspired you for the characters or the situations described in your books? Isabellaponte
Sometimes my sons do funny things that make their way into my books. When my son, Will, was in preschool, the teachers got everyone to clean up the room while singing the “Clean Up Song.” The words were, “Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere; Clean up, clean up, everybody do your share!” Will told us he would sing the words but wouldn’t do the work. I thought that was funny and I put it into a book!


Are you a "wimpy kid" like Greg? Tiger11
As a kid, I was pretty wimpy. Just like Greg, I used to hide from my swim team coach in the locker room and wrap myself in toilet paper to keep warm!


What job you used to dream about when you were a child? Jumping
When I was a kid, I wanted to be a newspaper cartoonist. That was still my dream when I was 28 years old. But I couldn’t break in to the business, so I decided to become a book cartoonist instead!


 Why a "wimpy kid" and not a king or a prince, as the main character of your books? Karen05
There are lots of heroes in books. I wanted to create a character who was more like I was as a kid!


Do you practice any sport? Francy05
I like to play basketball with my sons. I’m also a soccer coach!


Your drawings are not realistic and a little bit “stylized”: is it because you are not good at drawing or is it a personal choice? Andrew's Channel
I’m not the best artist, so I tried to draw like a kid… but in a stylized way. I think cartooning is about simplicity, so I try to use as few lines as possible to make the biggest impact.


Why do you draw your charachters with their mouth downwards, even though they are not sad? Camy2007
I think most people, when they have a “resting” face, look slightly sad. Watch a bunch of adults walking to work… they look a little unhappy!


Which is your favorite book? Letitia
My favorite book is the 9th book, The Long Haul. I think it’s the best written. We’re hoping to turn that into a film!


Did Greg fail in the secondary school? Because in his first day at school he talks about it like a real expert? oft
Greg hasn’t failed secondary school… yet! But that might be a future plot idea!  I never make it clear if this is Greg’s first day of school or if it’s just his first day this year. But Greg thinks he knows more than he actually knows!


Are you satisfied with the movies based on your books? Why they did not make any other movie after the third one? Principessa mezzosangue dagli occhi blu
Yes, I think the movies are fun. Of course, there are things I wish were different, but there were some nice surprises, as well. We’re actually working on the next film now. Hopefully we can make three more!


What kind of kid you were, when your were in the secondary school? Monster4ever
I was an average kid. I was pretty smart, but I did a lot of dumb things. I was a lot like Greg in some ways!


I really like your book but I don't understand why you did not write about an adultNicoscheggia
I think kids are more interesting than adults!


Can you write or draw a dedication to all the Focus Junior's reader in the world? Arianator
Yes! Thank you to all of the Focus Junior readers. The fact that you’re reading means you’ll go far in life!